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     So apparently this is an unpopular opinion, but I actually really enjoyed the How I Met Your Mother finale. I think it was not only brilliant, but also an important lesson. Life is not a straight line. You don’t get married and then that’s it. You don’t overcome a weakness and then never have that weakness bring you down again. That’s not the way things work. Life changes and it can change quickly. You never know what’s going to happen. I think HIMYM did an amazing job at showing that tonight. 

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HIMYM Finale reaction..


Alright, I got over with the HIMYM Finale.. It’s true that Ted’s story is always about Robin and he hardly mentioned the Mother (Tracy), his kids are very smart and they immediately approved to let their Dad (Ted) to get back to their Aunt Robin. It’s really sad that Tracy (Mother) died but it all makes sense why this series is called How I Met Your Mother.

Kudos to Ted and Robin..